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Global Warming Metaphor

in 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam

by Luciana Costa

Every day we are warned about climate change, the lack of water, and all kinds of factors that will end the world. Still, some people choose to ignore it in selfish ways. On the survival of our species, the rich person is definitely on the top of the chain. The Angolan movie “Air Conditioner” (Ar Condicionado) is about that. A metaphor to show how the world will end if we don’t change a few habits, but some choose to ignore


It not only about doing bad things for the environment, but also a way to show the huge difference between rich and poor lifestyle. The social inequality is a problem everywhere. A very current subject as shown in the Oscar nominated film “Parasite” (Gisaengchung, 2019) from the director Joon-ho Bong. In “Parasite” is shown how the rich get saved first, paying to have their every need and desire satisfied. As the poor work a lot and do everything in their power to survive. In “Air Conditioner” is no different. The characters from the poor community help each other, share food, try to diminish the heat with as improvised shower and even play checkers with bottle caps as the pieces.


On the other hand, the hardly shown rich people demand to have air conditioners no matter the consequences to their country. In the movie, the ACs are killing people by falling on their heads. Of course, that is a metaphor brilliantly created by the writers Ery Clever and Fradique who also does a brilliant job as director of the film.


In some moments it looks like a documentary showing the everyday life of protagonists Matacedo (José Kiteculo) and Zezinha (Filomena Manuel). It is a fair portrait of the day by day life of mundane people struggling with financial problems and also their own personal ghosts. In Matacedo’s case he is a former war soldier suffering from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).It’s not an easy film for everybody but it’s an artistic and clever drama with some psychedelic tones.

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